Best Detached Product Design

Judging Criteria: Function and efficiency of floor plan, livability of floor plan, pizzazz and appeal of home design to target market.

Materials required:

  • Up to three (3) Exterior Front Elevations
  • One (1) floor plan of the home.
  • One (1) price sheet indicating the base price of the model being entered (used to verify the correct category for the entry). Please circle or highlight the plan name/number on the price sheet.
  • Brief statement of no more than 250 characters describing the target market. Include whether market is first time, move up etc.

MAME Entry Information

Category (required)

*Base sales price of the model being submitted as the entry. If a minimum upgrade is required, the amount must be factored into the base price when determining the appropriate MAME category.
(If the sales price does not fall into the proper category, the entry will automatically be placed in the appropriate category).

Name of Company (required)

Brief statement of no more than 250 characters describing concept & objective

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