Best Ad Campaign by a Builder

Eligibility: Builder only, not master plan community.

Judging Criteria: Creativity, impact and consistency of the campaign. How well does the campaign achieve the objective?

Materials required:

  • Statement of 500 characters or less describing the campaign’s concept and objective.
  • You must pick three (3) of the following ten (10) items to submit. (Please do not submit more or less than three.)
    1. One (1) billboard or off-site signage
    2. One (1) newspaper ad
    3. One (1) magazine ad
    4. One (1) banner ad
    5. One (1) website landing page
    6. One (1) broadcasted television commercial
    7. One (1) broadcasted radio commercial
    8. One (1) community brochure
    9. One (1) direct mail piece
    10. One (1) email blast

MAME Entry Information

Category (required)

Name of Company (required)

Brief statement of no more than 500 characters describing concept & objective

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Community Name (If applicable)

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